It’s no coincidence that the man who famously quoted ‘God is in detailing’ was an architect by profession. This is what, that really drives innovation and enables you to look at things differently. Here, are just some of the innovations that have helped us stay ahead of the game. In 1997 ‘Brundaban Gardens’ was the first of its kind, to introduce the concept of “Duplex Flat” in Odisha’s residential construction industry. We were the one, who in 1997, introduced Italian sliding windows with dry glass infill. These Sliding Windows are designed to diminish heat from inside the apartments. We have customized apartments as per the requirement of our valuable customers. We have fashioned four adjacent flats to look like one seamless space. This was achieved with the best of the industry technologies, installing inverted beams that could take the entire weight of the structure and at the same time, would not affect the looks from the interiors. Impossible for others are just cake walk for us, as we are always ready to work it out in our state of art innovation center and consult architect from across the globe for our valued customers.


Luxury is one of the core values which “Neelachal” as a brand has been built upon. We see to that it is something that reflects in every Project we undertake and at the risk of sounding pompous, might we add that we have in no small measure virtually pioneered the concept of luxury in the residential construction sector across India. The year, 1999 was a turning point for our residential projects and we exemplified the lengths to which we would extend ourselves, to set our apartments apart from the others. A team of engineers was sent to Italy to source the finest marble and import the tools that were required to polish it as well. Expensive? That’s true, but we believe that our customers deserve that extra effort. Our buildings are about changing the perceptions about luxury. Giving people value for their money is something we pride ourselves on. And, we make sure we achieve the standards we have set in providing customer the best of the quality and luxury. With the advent of competitors in the Residential apartment sector, each of them tries to out do the other by adding more features for the sake of justifying the price. For us though, it is a value that has brought us this far, and we know better than to flout it for the sake of it.


When a brand or company is at the top of the industry, everything they do is looked at with a fine-toothed comb. But, that is fine to us, as that is exactly how we look at all our projects we undertake. ‘Good enough’ is never really enough.
This meticulous approach starts much before the shovel even hits the ground. In fact, it is so precise and sound that many of our projects have been completed, way before time. We ensure that all finer details in our projects achieve the precision we have planned from the atsrt. And to this effect, we have dedicated a team of quality control experts to carry out a detailed check and ensure that everything meets our high expectations. Until, every point in our checklist is thoroughly inspected and crossed off, we do not handover the possession to our customers. It is this meticulousness which has put us on top of the ladder, and will assure to continue to do so even in the future.